How To Build Muscle – And Keep It!

I’m here to HELP YOU take your life (physically and mentally) to the next level. I’ll show you how to BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE and create a BULLETPROOF MINDSET that will bust you out of the ‘AVERAGE‘ and accelerate you to becoming the ‘BEST’!


Do you want more muscle?
Would you like a training methodology that will produce more results in less time?
Are you sick of training your ass off and getting no results?

Well today I’m going to tell you why you’re not seeing the results you want and what to do about. Today you’re going to learn the power of a ‘TRAINING FOUNDATION’ and how to get this in place ASAP!

The first thing you need to answer is:

It’s extremely important that you understand the difference between these two terms, especially if you want to maximise your fat burning and muscle building efforts.

There’s a reason why only a very small percentage of guys achieve their goals and dreams and it comes down to how they use their time.

In today’s post I’m going to share with you the strategies and tactics the top guys are using so that you can start to change the way you look at training – FOREVER!

As the title suggests, I’ve divided the way guys go about achieving their physique into 2 distinct categories:



  • Throwing around heavy weights with poor form
  • Spend more time ‘resting’ between sets than lifting
  • Chase the ‘pump’
  • Love talking with everyone they see
  • Constantly on the phone texting, checking out Facebook & Instagram
  • Spend well over an hour on the floor because they believe ‘they’re making a difference’

I’m sure you know a lot of these guys, I know I do! I actually used to be this guy. I spent close to 2 years training this way…because I didn’t know any better. (You can read through my training transformation here)



  • Have a WRITTEN TRAINING PLAN (that they update every 4-8 weeks) that includes reps, sets, tempo and rest periods
  • Work towards ‘their’ S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals
  • Focus on FORM and POWER and ensure every single rep counts
  • Note the weight used and the number of reps accomplished for each and every working set
  • Time their rest periods precisely
  • Always push their MENTAL and PHYSICAL limits every session
  • Minimise all distractions

You might think “Damn dude, that’s overkill. I go to the gym to lift sh*t!” – and that’s cool…if you’re happy wasting time because you’ve got nothing better to do…BUT…if you want to make change, if you want to get that physique you’ve always aspired to, then you need to start thinking and training like an athlete.





Imagine for a minute that I gave you $1,000 and with that $1,000 you had 3 months to make as much additional money from that initial investment as you could and anything you made above the initial $1,000 investment you keep. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Would you follow the ‘WORKING OUT’ strategy or a ‘TRAINING’ strategy?

You’d invest the $1,000 into anything, anything that felt right on the day. You’d consult with a few mates who might be able to share a few tricks with you but you’re mostly depending on luck and gut feel and what you’ve learnt from watching others. You’d make a small profit, one that would be slightly better than doing nothing at all but the amount of time and effort you put into chasing the investment around would hardly have made it worthwhile.

You speak and work with a professional who can show you a proven method. You ensure that you continually track and monitor the growth eliminating any areas of concern and doubling down on the areas of growth. You continually analyse your results and know exactly what’s working and what’s not. You spend less time chasing the investment around because you have a sound strategy that works, you have a goal and you have a PLAN!

So which strategy is going to provide the best Return On Investment? 

You see, TRAINING, like I mentioned earlier is something that happens with INTENT, it’s TRACKED, MEASURED, there’s a PLAN that is followed and executed and then analysed so that we’re continually PROGRESSING.

The top guys know this, the professionals know this, so I thought it only appropriate I share this with you because before I worked this out for myself, (when I was fed up with making little to no progress) I didn’t even realise there was a difference between the two.

Just like the saying goes – “Time is MONEY!”
And you need to remember this when you train. Every second, every minute, every rep, set and rest period COUNTS!

So why are so many of us simply ‘working out’?

My theory on this is as follows…
Unfortunately when you trace things back to when you started training, you realise that when we were introduced to the gym it was most likely through a friend, a friend who learnt everything he knows from one of his friends, who learnt everything he knows from his older brother, who learnt everything he knows from his college room mate who started going to the gym after reading a few magazines and the list continues.

As you can see there’s never really been that ‘professional’ influence who has shown us what to do or how to do it to maximise muscle growth and fat burning efforts. And even if there was, the knowledge that has been passed down to you has been watered down to a level that leaves you training like a ‘bro’.

In the past I was guilty of just ‘working out’ and to be honest I didn’t know any better. I spent years hitting the gym this way with little to no results but thought that was just how it was.

There’s a simple way to fix it…NOW!

I want to help YOU get the physique of YOUR dreams. I want to help YOU become the BEST you can be. So I’m sharing my knowledge with you because I now know that I can now transform my physique in as little as 12 weeks (Here’s the proof) and I can continue to grow my LEAN BODY MASS year after year, BECA– — USE… I TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE.

The truth is most of us (guys) don’t like to be told what to do. We like to think we know everything and that what we’re doing works because, well 95% of the other guys in the gym are doing the same thing so how could I be wrong?

If you’re reading this, do yourself a favour, drop the ego for a second and think about it. How much time are you investing into trying to build muscle and burn fat and what sort of returns are you getting? (BE HONEST!)

LOOK…if your serious about GETTING RESULTS, if you want to ensure that every minute you invest in your training that you’re getting something of value back then you need to come at this from a new angle. You need to build a SOLID FOUNDATION, you need to create POSITIVE HABITS and you need to look at your TIME as a PRECIOUS INVESTMENT.

Here are 8 tactics you can implement RIGHT NOW to BUILD MORE MUSCLE, enhance your training and start attaining that great physique you’ve always dreamed about:

  1. Invest in a solid training plan (Download your 28 Day Primer Program)
  2. Know the exact days and times you’re going to be training this week (block out the time in your calendar)
  3. Track your weight on a weekly basis (measure it at the same time and same day each week)
  4. Measure your BF% using a set of callipers on a weekly basis using the same method above
  5. Write out a set of specific S.M.A.R.T.E.R GOALS that drive you to train with purpose (How to create SMART goals)
  6. Time your rest periods religiously! (Use a Gymboss)
  7. Minimise distractions such as Facebook, texts and phone calls
  8. Make sure you train with INTENTION – use the muscle that you’re trying to build with good form and a controlled tempo (Learn more here)


Look, times are changing, every year we get busier, we get older and it gets harder and harder to build muscle and burn fat. So DON’T WASTE THE TIME YOU HAVE! Start building long term sustainable habits that will enhance your training and life.

I know going to gym feels great, I know that you go because it’s a ‘productive’ way to spend your lunch hour or blow off some steam before or after work or uni…but imagine how MUCH MORE you could get out of it if you went in with a plan. If you went in knowing HOW TO TRAIN, WHAT TO TRAIN and WHY YOU’RE TRAINING.

As you know I want to help guys break away from the ‘AVERAGE’ and become the ‘BEST’ they can be so I’m offering YOU my proven 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM that will take you from ‘WORKING OUT’ to ‘TRAINING’ – FAST!

I’ve spent years formulating this specific guide to help not only myself but my 1 on 1 clients understand how to maximise their return on investment in terms of time spent training.

It’s time to change the way you look at the world of muscle development, it’s time to step up to the plate and realise that there is more to learn and that if you implement a few key strategies you can get the physique of your dreams VERY VERY QUICKLY!

It’s TIME FOR CHANGE my friend…


Ben Salkeld 
Trainer, Coach, Motivator, Shredder…



  • How to set simple abook_image_small2nd attainable goals, then achieve them.
  • The right way to monitor your progress so you understand what little tweaks you need to make for massive growth and to maximize your time invested into your training
  • Which muscles you must focus on and in which combinations – never again will you have to worry about what to do to get the best results.
  • The insanely simple way to perform the perfect repetition. (Reap the rewards and results of perfect form)
  • The 3 MOST IMPORTANT KEY HABITS you must start with and how to lock them into your life PERMANENTLY.
  • The super-easy “block-out” method to plan your day, which can be applied to everything in your life.