3 month body transformation program: Week 9

9 Weeks into my exclusive 12 WEEK SHRED program. The main premise being to maintain as much muscle mass as possible during this time and not resort to any crazy fads or diets.

In this episode I discuss the power of INSPIRATION and how that ties in with the whole 12weekshred.com community. I hope that I’m inspiring others like you to take action in life through leading by example. I want you to think like this as well and aim to INSPIRE those around you.

Week 9 was a DE-LOAD week in terms of training. I’m in the middle (week 3) of a 6 week strength building phase.

A DE-LOAD is a planned reduction in volume or intensity (usually for one week, or one cycle of your training split), whose purpose is to allow the body to dissipate accumulated fatigue, allow you to fully recover, and prepare you for further gains. Also, remember that weight training does not just tax your muscles. It also puts stress on your joints, ligaments, connective tissues, and central nervous system.

So with the De-load in play I was burning less calories during a workout session. Normally I’d burn anywhere from 700 – 1000 cals a session. During the de-load week I was burning around 400 – 600 cals purely for the fact that I had dropped down the number of working sets.

With this in mind, I kept my calorie intake the same (2,700 – 2,800 cals a day) and cycling carbs. Since my intake didn’t change but my output changed, this week I didn’t have ANY CHANGE in my stats.

I ran 2 sessions of my ‘weighted’ HiiT workout that I set-up out the back. These are a great little mid-week smash-out that are done in under 45min and you’ll be able to take advantage of the ‘afterburn‘ effect that essentially has you’re body burning fat long after your session.

Mon, Tues, Wed: Less than 50g carbs each day)
Thur: Medium carb (100g carbs – 60g after workout, 40g before bed)
Fri: Low carb (Less than 50g)
Sat: Medium carb (100g carbs – 60g after workout, 40g before bed)
Sun: High carb (200g+ carbs)

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