Burn Fat And Build Muscle In Under 30min With HiiT

I’m here to HELP YOU take your life (physically and mentally) to the next level. I’ll show you how to BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE and create a BULLETPROOF MINDSET that will bust you out of the ‘AVERAGE‘ and accelerate you to becoming the ‘BEST’!

IN UNDER 30min?

Yes, you read that right! For those that might have missed my first ‘HiiT’ post you can check it out here.

Today I want to touch on a topic that I believe is the #1 barrier most guys have when it comes to getting the physique of their dreams – TIME (Or lack thereof)

You see in my time as a coach and trainer, working with clients from various different age groups, work and family environments etc, I’ve come to realise that most guys never get what they want because we’re quick to believe we: DON’T HAVE TIME!

The actual problem isn’t that we ‘don’t have enough time‘ it’s actually an issue of FOCUS.

FOCUS happens to also be a common trait amongst those who find success, those who are living their dream lives, those who know how to TRAIN more effectively in less time.

(Today I’m not going to dive into the world of FOCUS (Focus on One Course Until Success – John Lee Dumas) I’ll save that for another day.)

Today I want to share with you a way that you can SMASH A SERIOUS WORKOUT IN UNDER 30 MINUTES.

The reason why I love the 30min workout is because I believe EVERY GUY can carve out 30min a few times a week in order to put towards their health and well being.


Before you run out there and start smashing out your next 30min session here are a few TRAINING TIPS TO — — USE DURING YOUR SESSION:

1. Your 2min warmup needs to be fast paced and almost all out. Don’t waste that time and get your heart rate up nice and high!
2. Every time you hit a 20 sec recovery period, keep moving and reset your mind so that you can give it all you’ve got.
3. Keep the pace very quick. This isn’t about sticking to world class lifting form. (You don’t want to injure yourself, but the weights will be lighter than normal, so go for speed.)
4. Always have your favourite tunes pumping! You’ll be surprised how much further you can take your pain threshold when you have good music playing.
5. Keep up the fluids during your session. (I like to take 2-3 sips of my favourite BCAA at the end of each round.)

These sessions are tough boys. So tough in fact that most guys I train would rather go through a 60min resistance session than do one of these. (Personally I love them. They’re a true test physically and mentally and work like a tough challenge each and every time.)

I’ve been doing these types of HiiT sessions for a while, I’ve also had a period in my life where I literally only had 30 min spare to train a few times a week due to commitments with kids, family, work travel etc.

During that time I was able to pack on close to 1.5 kg of lean body mass while burning off close to 4% BF in as little as 8 weeks.

So next time you feel ‘there’s not enough time‘ to train, just find 30 minutes. (I know that every single guy out there can find 30minutes – yes, every guy!) Set up a HiiT circuit like above, get pumped and prepare to ‘TRAIN’.

Still think you’re too busy to make 30min for training?
There’s one thing about time that is different to all other factors out there and that is that it’s CONSTANT and it’s EQUAL. It’s a matter of what YOU CHOOSE to do with that time and how you — — USE that time that makes the difference.

Another little thing to remember is to ensure that YOU FOCUS on each and every training session, getting every last second out of them. Before every session take a moment to remind myself why you’re there, that you could be doing anything with your time right now, but you’ve decided to train and train to work towards building your ultimate physique.

This is the difference between guys who are ‘TRAINING’ vs ‘WORKING OUT’ > more on that here

Remember, you don’t need hours upon hours to start crafting your dream physique, you just need to make a start, you need to be consistent and you need to ensure that the time you do INVEST into your training is producing a POSITIVE ROI.

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Ben Salkeld 
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