I’m here to HELP YOU take your life (physically and mentally) to the next level. I’ll show you how to BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE and create a BULLETPROOF MINDSET that will bust you out of the ‘AVERAGE‘ and accelerate you to becoming the ‘BEST’!


Build muscle, burn fat and get the physique of your dreams…Then you’re in the right place.

I’ll tell you right now, if you want to lose weight the ‘simplest’ way to do it is ‘cut calories’. It’s not complicated, you simply just stop eating so much and well, in the true sense of the term you’ll end up ‘LOSING WEIGHT’.


You want to maintain or even BUILD muscle while burning fat, WELL, you need to come at the entire process and game from a new perspective.

Before we get into how this is accomplished need to ensure we’re all on the same page. I want you to look at this poorly crafted goal that so many are striving to achieve for a second:

Because what you’re about to learn is a very important principle, and one that will save you a lot of heartache on your journey to achieving your goal physique. (I unfortunately ‘missed the training’ on this a few years back and learnt by making some major mistakes that left me skinny, no muscles and looking more like a boy than a man.)

Back to the statement “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT”; While I’m happy that they’ve made the decision to change the way they look – that they’ve looked into a mirror and realized they’re not happy with who they see staring back at them – we need to stop here and dive a little deeper into what it is that they’re trying to achieve.

Losing WEIGHT can occur through fat loss, muscle loss and even minimizing water retention. So saying ‘I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT’ is a poorly crafted desire.

If you’re one of these people, then I want you to do yourself a favour and stop using the phrase/term ‘LOSE WEIGHT’ right now, it holds no true meaning and honestly it’s flat-out boring with no true personal accountability attached to it.

Instead you need to start thinking in terms of ‘(BODY) FAT & MUSCLE’. These are the only 2 terms you need to concern yourself with when it comes to getting the physique of your dreams.


There are two distinct camps in this game:

2. BURN FAT (Notice I said BURN fat and not LOSE fat.)

So as you think about your fitness GOALS and what you want to ACHIEVE, you need to start creating something more specific.

For example:
‘I WANT TO BUILD [insert kg/pound] MUSCLE’
‘I WANT TO BURN [insert %] BODY FAT’

Now, in basic terms we now have an actual goal, something that we can work towards, something that can be measured and tracked to ensure we’re on the right path. (NOTE: For more information on GOAL setting make sure you check out ‘What’s your why’)

So how to we achieve our specific goal?

  1. BUILD MUSCLE: We create a program that focuses on building as much lean muscle as possible in a specific amount of time. (I say ‘lean’ because I personally despise the ‘lazy’ term ‘BULK’ – more on that soon!)
  1. BURN FAT: Just like above, except this time round we focus on burning fat as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Now, do we need to be exclusively in one camp or the other? There’s great debate about this out there and while a majority will tell you YES, I’m going to tell you NO.

NO – You do not need to be exclusively in one camp or the other. Sure, you can be a lot more effective at just building muscle if you focus on that 100% and neglect to work towards burning fat.

BUT, unless you’re a power lifter, unless you’re a professional bodybuilder and you have reasons to cycle between the two then I don’t see a reason why you should have to.

INSTEAD, a better approach to this is to look at what I call a ‘MICRO-FOCUS’ where you increase your attention/focus into one of the two camps for a short period of time (4-6 weeks).

For example:
A few weeks back I was sitting around 83kg 10%BF (LBM: 74.7kg) and I needed to get my BF down to around at least 8% or less for a photo shoot that was coming up.

Now I could have just put 100% of my energy into burning fat, (which would get me to the end game very faster) however it does mean severely sacrificing muscle, which is fine if you want the physique of a marathon runner.


If however you want the physique of an athlete, of a sprinter or gymnast then you need to be a little smarter here and think in terms of what you can do to maximize fat loss while maintaining as much muscle as possible.





 A little side story: I’ve actually made this mistake before. It was a few years back, I had no idea what this was all about, I just wanted to get a serious six pack and look like Tyler Durden. In doing so I went from 84kg/15%BF (LBM:71.4kg) down to 78kg/9%BF (69.4kg).

While I dropped 6%BF and got my six pack I lost 2kg of muscle at the same time! (Do you know how long it can take to pack on 2kg of muscle? I kick myself now looking back at this!)

I spent my time cutting calories down to a point I was eating like a bird, I was dropping ‘weight’ fast and burning fat during my training sessions.

There is a way to manipulate these two (some would say contradicting) options in a way that you can actually do both. (NOTE: I understand that you will NOT build as much muscle or burn as much fat at any given time through this method, but we’re working on a method that allows us to build a lean muscular physique and keep it 365 days a year.)

This is what I’ve been focusing on over the past few years, running real time data and experiments to see what can be achieved. I even documented a video of the physical transformation that endured during a 12 week cycle. (Click to watch my body transformation)

During this 12 week cycle, I was able to increase my LBM by over 3kg in a period of 12 weeks using a specific training program. While my ‘weight’ dropped from 86kg down to 83kg, my BF dropped from 15% down to 8% and I’m left with 3kg more muscle on my skeletal frame. (You see why the term ‘weight’ actually plays no role in getting the physique of your dreams.)







What I want you to leave with today is an understanding that your physical transformation isn’t just about ‘losing weight’. You need to be aiming to building and maintain muscle while burning through the fat.

So instead of dropping your calories so low that you end up starving yourself into getting a six pack and sacrificing muscle, losing fat and doing what I did in the past…

…You should ramp up your energy output, increase the number of calories you burn in any given training session that will stimulate your muscles through resistance training AND you’re still eating enough calories to ensure you maintain muscle and at the same time your burning fat.

To get that muscular, shredded physique you desire requires you to work on ways to BUILD MUSCLE and BURN FAT simultaneously through a well structured training plan like my 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM.

If you have a program that’s working for you when it comes to building muscle and you want a way to BURN MORE FAT then you need to check out THE FAT FURNACE.

Remember, in order to achieve success you require a plan. Like the age old saying goes “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Ben Salkeld 
Trainer, Coach, Motivator, Shredder…




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