Best Time To Exercise?

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Today’s post might not be the fuzzy warm BS answer you were hoping for, but it’s honest, it’s true and tell’s you like it is.

Now… I could tell you that if you train at 1047am every Sunny Wednesday you will gain an extra 10% of muscle mass just by showing up! (But I won’t…)

I could tell you that if you train before the sun comes up you’ll burn 30% more fat than those that don’t! (But I won’t…)

I won’t tell you this because basing your training around a specific time of day is unrealistic for most and the actual difference in output (amount of fat burnt or muscle gained) is minimal.

BEFORE YOU DECIDE YOU WANT A DEFINITIVE ‘TIME’… before you decide you don’t want the truth, before you continue on your ‘justification’ journey searching for that magic silver bullet, finding the trainer out there who tells you “Train at [insert time] and you’ll be able to build more muscle!” I want to ask you something…

If there was an optimal time and that time was 3:30am in the morning would you show up?

What if I told you the best time to train was 9pm on a Saturday night right in the middle of your ‘social life’ would you bother?


What if I told you to train at 10:30am every weekday, right in the middle of your work to increase your hypertrophy efforts by 2% what would you tell your boss?

– You getting this? –

You see, unfortunately you’re looking for something that:

a) Doesn’t really exist for the non-professionals (yes there are variations in output based on time of day, but there are other smarter and more impactful ways to manipulate output that I’ll share with you below)

b) Even if it did exist but it didn’t fit into your lifestyle you’re not going to take action.

The whole transformation/training game can be very complex and unless you’re a professional who makes a living out of this stuff (paid to compete, paid for photoshoots, paid to be bigger and more defined than everyone else on the planet) then there’s no need to add another layer of complexity to it all.

It’s like kicking a football to a mate on the beach – do the laces need to be facing out and 20 degrees counter clockwise in order to ensure you make a good kick?


Unfortunately when you add another layer of complexity to everything you already think you know it just adds more self doubt and causes more guys to ‘skip out’ than ‘jump in’.

So instead of me giving you a stack of scientific information that will make this game even more confusing than it already is, I want to provide you with guidance that will help you achieve what you want to achieve. Guidance that is real, guidance that is trusted and guidance that has been shown to work.

I don’t believe the question should be:
‘When is the best time to train to [insert goal]’.


Why? Because it’s all relative, it all depends on things like sleep, what you eat and when, what times you work, if you have kids, when your gym is open, when you get spare time etc. The list is almost endless.

So instead of asking that age old question that gets everyone nowhere you should be focusing on optimising the time you spend training.

The question you’re really looking for an answer to is:
‘What’s the BEST way to train to [insert goal]’.


Now you’re eliminating the point-in-time barrier and you’re able to still work towards your goal when the time is right for you, while finding ways to maximise your output.

Start thinking more about when YOU can personally get the MOST OUT OF YOUR TRAINING. I.e – What does your current training plan look like? Are you pushing yourself every session? Are you TRAINING or are you JUST WORKING OUT? (If you want to learn more on this >Click here)

I can tell you, even if you started training at the so called ‘optimal times’ with the same plan you have right now, I can guarantee you won’t see any difference in results.

You see, the problem you’re facing isn’t that the time of day is optimal, the problem you face is that the quality of training that you’re performing might not be the best it can be.

TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART, have a good program, know what you’re trying to achieve (set goals) and then go get it.

My 28 Day Primer Program is exactly that. It doesn’t matter what time of day you train, what matters is that when you train you TRAIN! For 32cents a day you can have access to a program that will help you perform the perfect rep, create a bulletproof mindset and help you take your physique and life to the next level.

It’s nearly 3pm so I have to run to ensure I start lifting at 3:28pm so I can achieve better gainz!


Ben Salkeld 
Trainer, Coach, Motivator, Shredder…



  • How to set simple abook_image_small2nd attainable goals, then achieve them.
  • The right way to monitor your progress so you understand what little tweaks you need to make for massive growth and to maximize your time invested into your training
  • Which muscles you must focus on and in which combinations – never again will you have to worry about what to do to get the best results.
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  • The 3 MOST IMPORTANT KEY HABITS you must start with and how to lock them into your life PERMANENTLY.
  • The super-easy “block-out” method to plan your day, which can be applied to everything in your life.

P.S – For the purists and the argumentative type (you know who you are) – Yes training on an empty stomach in the morning has some small benefits when it comes to burning fat, yes training at 3:30pm in the afternoon has some small benefit when it comes to hypertrophy. I’m not dismissing it, I believe that there are other ‘ways’ to optimise fat burning and muscle building no matter what time of day you decide to train. Ok! 🙂