“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” ~J.M. Power


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Founder – 12WEEKSHRED.com

My name’s Ben Salkeld and I’m the founder of 12WEEKSHRED.com.

You see, over the years I’ve been watching the way ‘MAN’ (The male species) has been evolving or should I say DE-evolving. Take a look around and I’m sure you’ll agree that a majority of older GUYS that we should be looking up to are not living the way they were intending. MEN who once saw the world around them as a wonderful playground, facing challenges head on, living fearless, showing off six pack abs, killer shoulders and biceps, having a true sense of adventure and never letting anything stand in their way, have slowly and sadly fallen prey to the ‘AVERAGE’.

Remember As A Kid:

  • Sport and physical activity was EVERYTHING. You would fight tooth and nail to get an extra 5minutes of out-door time after dinner.
  • YOU embraced the highs and lows of competition.
  • Were constantly hungry for the thrill of chasing the win.
  • Spent more time outdoors training, learning new things, and competing in activities a day than you now do in a month.
  • Mistakes were part of the game and you always knew what was best and you were happy to fall flat on your face because you lived to GIVE IT A GO!
  • YOU constantly fed your hungry INNER BEAST (your inner spirit, your energy) and he loved you for it!

Unfortunately Today It’s All About:

  • Chasing the next dollar to make ends meet.
  • Complaining there’s no time for proper physical training or personal development.
  • When you do train, you make it feel like a work task and you’re missing the fun.
  • If you train at the gym you’re probably spending more time on your phone than moving weights.
  • Constantly telling yourself it’s ok to be complacent about carrying excess weight OR you’re fooling yourself into thinking that your life is fulfilling when it’s not.
  • Getting up, going to work or university, then heading out and smashing the beers so life feels awesome for a few hours before it all comes crashing down again in the morning.

As we age we tend to become demoralized slaves to the grind and pressures of life, and we lose touch with that very powerful inner drive that I like to refer to as our INNER BEAST and we forget and ignore what the true essence of being a MAN is all about.


You see, I’m just one man who has started his climb out of the ‘ashes’ so to speak, someone who over the years got caught up in everything I discussed earlier. I’m 36, married, 2 kids and was heading on a path like 90% of the world’s MEN. Things were good, don’t get me wrong, but they weren’t AWESOME.

One day I looked in the mirror and said “f*ck the ‘AVERAGE’ life”, I sucked it up, got honest with myself and started chasing my dream. The dream of having:

  • An strong, lean physique.
  • Energy to do whatever I need to do, day in day out.
  • A constant thirst for knowledge.
  • The ability to move out of my comfort zone consistently.
  • A life that is more than being on the grind in a job I don’t love, mowing lawns on weekends, drinking beers on the couch and buying things I don’t need.

And so 12WEEKSHRED.com was kicked off. This is what keeps me accountable, this is where I share everything I’m learning with YOU.

This is for the guys who are ready to say:


12WEEKSHRED.com has the goal to:

MOTIVATE and EDUCATE 100,000+ men to kick-start their new elite life transformation. A transformation that will set them up for success down the track, a transformation from the AVERAGE to the BEST!

Here’s the kindle to build your fire, here’s what I wish I once had when I started on my journey to give me the KICK IN THE ASS I so dearly needed!

Certified Personal Trainer: CERT IV – AIPT
Certified Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor – The Health Sciences Academy

EMAIL ME AT 12weekshred[at]gmail.com

Get in touch, tell me your story and what you feel is holding you back from achieving what you desire.