3 Simple Starter Secrets
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If you want to finally attain that lean, muscular physique that has eluded you for years - WITHOUT continuous struggle and WITHOUT constant disappointment (and for less than 32cents a day!) - then this is the most important message you will ever read.


and I’ve been a personal trainer, and coach to others for most of my adult life.

It wasn’t that long ago that I personally was struggling to enhance my physique like I wanted even though I was busting balls at the gym - A LOT! Heck, when I first started ‘working out’ (very different to training. I’ll explain more later) and going through the motions, I'll be honest, I found it boring and not something I that I overly enjoyed. Not to mention the results weren’t flash either!

You see, until recently I thought it was just me and that only I had this “problem”. I was able to coach and help others around me achieve their specific training goals, but I struggled to understand my own.

That was until I teamed up with professional firefighter, natural bodybuilding competitor, fitness model and personal trainer, Mick Paddon to find he too had some of the same thoughts I did.

It wasn’t until we sat down, and I fleshed out something I do for my exclusive 1-on-1 clients, that I discovered a little gem I’ve since called my 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM, but more on that in a moment...

Let me first take you back to 2002, where I had my first experience with the 3 life changing principles I’m about to share with you.

I was a young buck in my mid-20's. I was drinking, partying and enjoying myself...

I thought I was in relatively good shape, but it all changed when one day I was talking with some of my older co-workers.

Now, these guys were great men (guys you look up to in life) who were in serious shape.

On this particular day, they were talking about triathlons. (You know, those incredibly hard races that involve swimming, cycling and running long distances?)

One of the guys had been training for close to five years for something called the IRONMAN (which consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, followed up by a full, 26.2 mile marathon)...


It was that comment in that particular moment that fired me up and I thought to myself - I'm a real man, I could do that and so I said "Challenge accepted!"

They laughed at me when I said I'd join race him in the upcoming Australian IRONMAN race the following year!

And it was this particular challenge that took me on a journey like no other. Some would call it a 'life changing' event.

You see, at the time I wasn’t aware that a few weeks after this statement, after the challenge was set, that I would discover an amazing training protocol (3 Key Primers Strategies) that would change my life.

These 3 KEY PRIMER STRATEGIES not only ensured that I entered and completed the IRONMAN with only as little as 12 months of training, and allowed me to finish it under the elusive 11-hour mark...


They created a FRAMEWORK that provided me a unique understanding on how to train your body in a way that it wants to train, maximizes it’s output and actually finds pleasure in it.

You see, I've used these same 3 KEY PRINCIPLES to continue to improve my physical performances and have even successfully used them in other aspects of my life such as business, and relationships to name a few.

They now form the CORE of what I teach my 1 on 1 personal training clients and then watch them achieve astounding physical, emotional, and personal transformations.

A number of my clients has even used these same 3 CORE PRINCIPLES to break through that all too familiar training stagnation.

Helping them achieve new levels of leanness and muscularity - melting off stubborn body fat, while building lean muscle - all by using my exclusive 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM.

And so, working with my good friend and world class athlete Mick Paddon, we've been able to create a unique system unlike any other that has been specifically created to enhance your training OUTPUT.

To give you a little insight into the power of this program here's a screenshot of Mick’s achievements and how much of a big difference this 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM was for him... (These are all the things he achieved AFTER working through the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM)...

  • 1st place INBA New Physique competitor in the World Olympia 2014
  • 1st place IFBB NSW Men’s Physique 2013
  • 2nd place INBA Australian Men’s Physique 2014
  • Team Australia Representative at The Natural Olympia 2014
  • Men’s Health Magazine Top 6 Finalist for ‘2013 Man of the Year’
  • Nivea and Men’s Health Magazine ‘Face of Success 2014’
  • And finally achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a "Men's Fitness" cover model

Remember, Mick achieved all that after being stuck for almost two years straight with little to no results - even with years of experience, sacrifice and hard training.

As you’ll find out soon enough the breakthrough doesn’t have to happen after hitting a roadblock because…

...This is a very simple, yet overlooked set of principles.

It’s the reason you see so many people in the gym who look the same day after day, week after week and yet after year regardless of how much training they do.

The three principles you’re about to learn are easy to understand and very simple to implement.

So let's begin.

The 3 KEY PRINCIPLES I uncovered and will reveal for you today were first used back in 2002 when I was training for the Annual Australian IRONMAN race.

They didn’t have names but I've since titled them the M.E.H principles...

They stand for:


Once you have these 3 STRATEGIES locked in, once you TRULY UNDERSTAND the power of what these life changing principles will help you achieve, your life will never be the same again.

28 Day Primer Program Benefits

  • More energy, drive and motivation to train than you've ever had before.
  • An understanding of how to TRAIN vs WORKING OUT.
  • More focus in and out of the gym.
  • Be able to continue to achieve your specific physique goals.
  • The ability to implement these core strategies into any training program you decide to use.
  • A better understanding the term 'TRAINING' than 90% of the guys out there.
  • The ability to change your physique for the better...CONSISTANTLY!
  • You'll spend less time at the gym while achieving better results.
  • Insight into the power of nutrition and how it impacts your physique.
  • Uncover new 'life altering' habits to continue to enhance your life.
  • More time to do the things you love in life.
  • Less injuries and less wasted time.
  • And many many more...

Now, some people may believe that these 3 principles aren’t anything new once you know what they are but I can assure this isn’t true. If it were the case, then why are 90% of guys out there still struggling to get the physique of their dreams?

You see, each phase plays a very important role, and each phase has never been properly addressed in this sequence before within the health and fitness industry.

Now it's time to understand what this process is, what the 3 CORE PRINCIPLES are and how they'll enhance your life.

Let’s start with the first phase...


MOTIVATION is probably the most important element to it all, and if you don’t have it you’ll never begin and you’ll never continue going long enough for it to form into one of the later stages.

Motivation doesn’t come easy, and to ensure it carries STRENGTH and MOMENTUM you need to ensure you have a solid GOAL, backed by a personal WHY.

For example, MY GOAL and MOTIVATION at the time was to beat my co-worker and take home the bragging rights.

So when the real hard work started, (I’ll be honest there were many times I felt like giving up, and I’m sure you’ve been through situations like this too.) what kept me going was super-charging my motivations by adding some emotion to it all.

In my case there was a deeper personal reason around 'proving to myself that I can achieve anything if I truly want it'. It was this WHY, this inner drive that allowed me to cross the finish line of that gruelling IRONMAN race, ahead of my co-workers and under 11 hours. It's what I read (yes this was written on my wall) and thought about every morning I woke at 0445 to train!

Since that even I’ve spent time studying how to really embed the long-lasting, and easy to implement, MOTIVATION techniques that would keep me (and my clients) fresh and excited about what needed to be done - especially when the going gets tough.

These little techniques are simple but when you apply them they bring in HUGE results.

This turns Motivation into SUPER-CHARGED MOTIVATION that will help you build toward your goals, quickly and effortlessly.

Now, I can’t give you everything here right now because I only share these strategies with my high level clients BUT you can find out how you can get them (today!) soon enough.

The next, super simple principle is what most people overlook while trying to get that dream body.


Have you ever seen that person in the gym doing some exercise you can’t figure out what they’re actually trying to achieve?

I personally see this almost every day I step into the local gym.

The reason that this is happening is that, unfortunately most guys haven’t educated themselves properly and are far too scared to do so when it comes to training.

Sure, you can do what most do and copy a friend or you might see a big dude and you want to emulate him, but I can assure you - YOU won’t get the same results. One of the KEY reasons why you won't is that your genetic make-up is unique and different to every other guy you see training. Simply put, by doing what every other guy is doing, you're wasting time if you want to achieve results.

INSTEAD...by educating yourself properly you lay the foundation for massive results in minimum time.

And training is only half the game! As many questions that people have about exercising - there are probably twice as many about nutrition.

It's pretty hard to decipher these days with all the confusion and contradiction that floats around to understand exactly what you should be doing in and out of the gym, what you should be eating, when to eat, how much protein to eat, the carbs vs fat debate and the list goes on.

There's a reason that most guys just seem to give up.

And I completely understand why!

So in order to achieve results, in order to attain your specific goals you must be both MOTIVATED and EDUCATED before you try and train to achieve the kind of results you have so desperately wanted for years.

The simple truth is this:- If you don’t make change now, if you keep doing what you’re currently doing, you cannot expect change to happen.

Now, the last little secret is perhaps the biggest and most important and is the real KEY to making everything work WELL. It’ what creates ‘LONG TERM’ SUCCESS with as little effort as possible.

So while you can be MOTIVATED and excited to do what's necessary to get amazing results...

...And you can be EDUCATED about exactly what you need to be doing training and nutrition-wise...

You also need to create a solid set of...


Habits are what keep momentum alive, they're the difference between being stuck and progression, and once you understand this, your results (both in and out of the gym) will skyrocket.

Habits are formed through knowing about educated processes and how your personal body works, and then having the super-charged motivation to give them the kick-start they need.

What that initial motivation does is create the necessary want and desire to kick-start momentum to get you to a point where it becomes a HABIT, and once you’re EDUCATED on what the right HABITS are, it’s these HABITS that will serve you rather than potentially hinder your growth and success.

I've seen so many guys build towards achieving the physique of their dreams, that train hard, they start educating themselves on what is required and they're almost at the tipping point, when suddenly something happens in their lives that causes them to come crashing back down to where they started. 

This is where setting up 'success' habits are crucial if you're serious about changing your life. You see when habits are formed, life can throw you just about anything you and you are able to continue on your path to success because you've developed a set of habits.

Motivation gets you started, habit is what keeps you going – Jim Ryun

It's the foundation of these 3 KEY PRINCIPLES:


...That will set you on the path to a lifetime of amazing results and that dream body you've only been able to imagine so far.

AND now it is within your reach.

Everything I’ve shared with you so far is to help you understand the fundamental values of what I like to call the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM.

So what is the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM exactly?

The 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM is, by closest definition, a world-class downloadable ebook. In reality it’s more like a guide, a book, and a coach all rolled into one that establishes the key fundamentals in your health.

In this Primer Program I'm going to reveal the ins and outs of the 3 simple, yet powerful principles we’ve only touched upon...



...to ensure that you set the foundations for your training perfectly before you do anything else. Whether you’re only starting out or a seasoned veteran, these principles will help you understand what this game is all about and explode your results.


With the information inside the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM, you'll never have to think about what's next...

Whether it's how to lift, when to rest, what to eat, or how to train.

We've laid it all out for you in this compact guide.

Just crack open the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM and you'll know exactly what to do and when.

We've taken all the guesswork out of laying the foundation for amazing workout results.

IMPORTANTWatch The Video Below Before You Implement Your FAT TORCHING HABITS (Please allow 10-15min for delivery)

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  • How to set simple and attainable goals, then achieve them and more.
  • The right way to monitor your progress so you understand what little tweaks you need to make for massive growth and to maximize your time invested into your training
  • Which muscles you must focus on and in which combinations - never again will you have to worry about what to do to get the best results.
  • The insanely simple way to perform the perfect repetition. (Reap the rewards and results of perfect form)
  • The 3 MOST IMPORTANT KEY HABITS you must start with and how to lock them into your life PERMANENTLY.
  • The super-easy "block-out" method to plan your day, which can be applied to everything in your life.
  • And So Much More...

What Our Global Members Are Saying...

I've been lifting for over 8 years, and can honestly say I've made the most progress in the last 6 months due to the 28 DAY PRIMER Program. It wasn't easy going back to the basics, but I stuck with it and am now reaping the rewards.


This program is changing my life! It's going better than any other program I've tried. The information is easy to follow and it has changed the way I look at training forever!


My body has changed so much to the point I'm confident to take my top off in public. More please!


“So Ben, what’s this going to cost me?”

Look, the only way you get all the information I’m sharing with you is by joining my 1 on 1 coaching program and to live in Australia.

I don’t imagine you’d want to fly out to Australia to see little ole me?

So I broke down everything just for YOU into my 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM so it was 19 page consumable ebook.

To get me to teach you anything is usually going to cost you a few hundred dollars, as it's information only our private personal training clients get once they work with us.

The reason I’m offering this to YOU however is simply because I get emails on a daily basis asking for help and I can’t get back to everyone right away. Also, I genuinely want to help guys be the BEST they can be!

I also know the power of working with people and having someone giving you the Right information vs the wrong information.

That’s why I designed, broke down, and rebuilt my 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM just for you.

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I'm only charging $9 for this report, and not giving this report away, for 3 reasons:

  • 1. $9 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning.
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If you’re still wondering, “$9 is so cheap! What’s the catch?”, then you need to re-read the 3 reasons above and add “Because Ben Can” as reason number 4.

32 Cents A Day!

Are you really going to let 32 cents a day hold you back from achieving your dream physique? Are you going to let 32 cents a day stop you from training smarter, getting more out of your training time and become the man you've always desired to be?

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Enhance Your Training & Physique Today

YES, I want in! I want access to the “28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM” right now.

Normal Price: $97.00
My Gift To You: $9

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you’re not happy for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know and we’ll happily refund your money...

I hope you decide to make this powerful change in your life and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Ben Salkeld
Head Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Life Transformation Expert

P.S. Remember, you could go through the next few weeks, months, and even years of your peak performance evolution, experimenting with things and wasting precious time, only to hit a wall, or you could build a strong foundation so when you hit that wall, you’ll blast through it with ease and confidence.



    A.The 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM is 100% downloadable, meaning that as soon as you make your payment you will have access to your new program to download and print.


    A.Yes, we’ve created the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM with 4 days of resistance training and 1-2 days of HiiT training. The training has been created to help create a solid base for those that decide to join the full 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM. The program also includes an introduction to HiiT and how to ensure you get the most out of your cardio.


    A.I’m a guy who genuinely wants to help other guys just like me become the best they can be. I love this space, I love the way I feel when I’m in great shape and I want to help as many guys as possible do the same. It’s my personal GOAL to MOTIVATE and EDUCATE 100,000+ men to kick-start their new elite life transformation. A transformation that will set them up for success down the track, a transformation from the AVERAGE to the BEST! And so I’m making my teachings as affordable as possible so I can ensure every guy has the opportunity to take part.


    A.Great question. The reason why I’ve put a very small fee on this 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM is to do with commitment. You see, if I made this free I know that 95% of the guys that download it won’t use it. Sure they might have good intentions and start the program, but after a few days to a week, when old habits take back over and life is ‘happening’ the information in here gets lost and forgotten. By attaching an affordable ‘fee’ to the program creates a more powerful ‘commitment’ between YOU and the program. It means that you’re ‘financially’ committed to following through the teachings outlined in the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM.


    A.Of course, however if you want to maximise your ROTI (Return On Time Invested) into your training then you will need to change up the program. If you continue to do the same training week after week your body will adapt to that training, to those movements and eventually you’ll plateau. So my advice would be to cycle this program, whereby let’s say you run the full 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM, you could run the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM at the end of the 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM. This will give you a chance to re-align how you train and ensure you’re maximising your ROTI. Think of it like driving a car, you need to take it in for a service and a ‘tune-up’ time to time to ensure it’s working to it’s maximum potential.


    A.Yes, this program can be used by females. The reason why it’s male focused is that I’ve been working the male space my entire fitness career and as a ‘male’ I understand the ins and outs of our set-up, what makes us tick, what role our hormones play and how to ensure we as men can get the most out of our training. I unfortunately don’t have that level of knowledge when it comes to the world of females. The training outlined in the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM however is sex agnostic, meaning that either men or women can get a lot out of this program.


    A.The 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM was created after a lot of feedback from my clients who told me they’d wished they had a way to set themselves up to maximise what they’d get out of the full 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM. A number of clients who jumped straight into the 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM were training with poor form and bad habits and I found that by midway through the program they were really struggling physically and mentally. SO… I created the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM to help set them up for future success.


    A.Like everything in life, there are always ‘choices’. In short – NO you don’t have to do the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM before the 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM.
    – HOWEVER!!! – If you want to get the most out of the 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM, or any other training program for that matter then I would highly suggest that you do the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM. It’s been created to specifically help create a solid foundation that is missed by most guys who are out there trying to achieve the physique of their dreams. By investing a small amount of time (28 Days) into the program you will understand HOW to get the most out of your training. It will essentially set you up for long term success and will maximise your return on time invested into training.


    A.We’d love to hear from you! Please email the team on 12weekshred[@]gmail[dot]com

    Please feel free to get in touch through our contact page – click here